Perfect Beginner's Casino Game - Baccarat


When it comes to giving beginners advice on which casino game to try first, many experienced gamblers will immediately say slots. And this makes sense because slots games are easy to play and don't require much thought. Plus it's really exciting thinking about the fact that you could win a huge jackpot on any spin.

But the downside to slots is that the house usually has a pretty big edge. If you play slot machines at land-based casinos, you're normally going to be facing a 7-12% house advantage. Even when playing the more favorable online slots, you'll still be looking at a 5-7% house edge.

So what can you play that's both easy and offers a more favorable chance of winning? Here's a great idea…play baccarat!

Good Odds, Simple Game

The first reason why we recommend that casino newbies play baccarat is because the house edge is just 1.06%. Yea this isn't quite as low as the 0.5% casino advantage that blackjack features. But it's still a great bet and one that gives you an excellent chance to win money.

Another excellent reason for beginners to try baccarat is because it's totally easy. You only have three betting options to choose from:

1. Bet on the banker's hand to win.
2. Bet on the player's hand to win.
3. Wager on both hands tying.


Of course, it's worth mentioning that this is still a card game and hands are dealt after you make your bet. But baccarat isn't blackjack or video poker, where you have to put a lot of thought into each turn in order to beat the house. Instead, you just pick one of the three options that we discussed and see how the cards play out.

For all practical purposes, you should bet on the banker hand to win every time because this allows you to lower the house edge to 1.06%. But the player hand isn't such a bad wager either since the house edge on this is 1.24%.

What Games to try Next

It may turn out that you try baccarat first and fall in love with it - swearing off all other casino games in the process. But the more likely scenario is that you're going to want to try other games too.

So what should you try next? Well, if you feel comfortable studying strategy, blackjack and video poker are always great selections. Both of these games usually feature around a 0.5% house edge, which is definitely beatable with a little luck.

Craps and French/European roulette are pretty good games too. Unlike blackjack and video poker, neither one requires any intricate strategy and the house edges are fairly low. In craps, you can lower the casino advantage down to 1.41% with the right bets; even lower if you back your wagers with odds. French roulette has a 1.35% house advantage while European roulette sees players face a 2.70% casino edge.

Of course, this is all just advice and you may find other casino games to be more eye catching. Lord knows that there are more than enough different types of games available, so you might as well try a few new ones when you feel like it. But once again, baccarat is always a great starting point if you want to win some money without taxing your brain.

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