Don't Play Slots...Until You Understand the Rules


If there's one casino game where it doesn't feel like you need to read the rules before playing, it's definitely slots. With slots, you're basically just spinning the reels and waiting for them to stop. But just because online slots are easy to play doesn't mean you should completely ignore the rules.

After all, each slots game features its own individualistic paytable, payouts and bonus round rules. So if you want to truly understand the game you're playing and have a more enjoyable experience, we highly recommend that you read the rules first. That said, here's a quick look at some of the points you should focus on.

The Paytable

Any time you play an online slots game, you'll have the option to view its paytable. Doing so is definitely a good idea because this section shows you the following info:

- What/how many symbols are needed for which payouts
- How the wild symbols, scatters and/or multipliers work
- Jackpot requirements
- Where each payline runs on the reels
- Bonus rounds and how they work

The last point is key because slots bonus games often take players to a second screen where they're doing something other than playing slots. So if you want to know how to play these rounds, looking at the paytable is a must.

Betting Options


Oftentimes when you start playing a new slots game, default betting options will be set. So it's REALLY important that you look at the coin size, coins per payline, and amount of paylines before you start spinning the reels.

If you're a low stakes player who's looking to make the smallest bet possible, you should choose a $0.01 coin size, one coin per line, and one payline so that you only wager a single penny. Those with a larger bankroll might consider betting more than this, especially if you have to wager a certain amount to qualify for the jackpot.

Your Bankroll

Okay, so this doesn't have much to do with the actual slots games. However, it's still extremely important to look at your slots bankroll before playing games. Bankroll management is important in any game, and slots are no exception to the norm. So as you're spinning the reels, be sure to keep a watchful eye on how much money you've got.

By taking some time in the beginning to study betting options and the paytable, you'll have an excellent idea on how the game you're playing works. And with this knowledge comes a much better overall gaming experience!

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