What's with Hot and Cold Slot Machines?


Gambling is a very superstitious activity where people rely on hopes and prayers to win big money. And when somebody does win big - be it a $1 million slots jackpot or $10,000 run at the blackjack tables - others may try to mimic their habits or mannerisms in hopes of achieving the same level of success.

Taking all of this into account, it's no wonder why people are so superstitious when it comes to slots games. And one of the most popular beliefs that players carry with them is the idea that machines run hot and cold. If a machine is making frequent payouts and offering bonus rounds, it's hot. On the other hand, games that are stingy with payouts are said to be cold.

Obviously it's better to be the lucky guy or gal who's riding the wave of profits on a hot slots game. So is there any way to detect which machines are going to be generous with their payouts? Or is the idea of hot and cold slots just another myth of the gaming world? Let's answer both of these questions by further discussing slots.

A Numbers Game

It's almost comical to see the lengths that people will go to find the hot slot machines in casinos. Some will hop from game to game until they find that special one. And when a player finds it, they often hold in their pee and refuse to get up for fear that somebody will take their seat.


However, these people should be taking a more casual approach to the matter because there's nothing to the hot-and-cold concept in slots. As many players know, random number generators determine results. So when somebody is "hot," they've merely spun the reels at a point where the RNG is offering up numbers that favor them.

Likewise, when somebody runs into a cold machine, they're merely making spins at the exact point when the RNG is spitting out a bad string of numbers.

Superstition is still Fun

It's always nice knowing the truth behind gambling facts and probabilities. This is especially the case if you're one of the extreme slots players who won't go to the bathroom when they're on a great streak. But for some players, ignorance is definitely bliss.

A good portion of slots junkies love looking for the hot and cold machines. These people may even bring good luck charms to the casino and have various other rituals. For them, superstition is a large part of what makes slots and other casino games so fun.

And sure there may be no jackpot at the end of the rainbow when these players supposedly find their hot machine. But then again, gaming is supposed to be fun, so there's no major harm in believing the hot-and-cold myth - as long as it doesn't cost you an entire bankroll.

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