Why do People prefer 5 Reel Slots over 3 Reel Games?


Visit the slots section at any online casino these days, and you'll immediately notice one thing: there are way more 5 reel slots than 3 reel slots. If you're new to the slots world, you may be wondering why this is the case. That said, let's discuss some of the big advantages that 5 reel slots offer players.

1. There are More Ways to win

Let's start off with the first thing that many players love about 5 reel games - they offer lots of different ways to win prizes. The reason why is because there are more reels and paylines than what's seen in 3 reel slots. All of the different combinations that you can form in 5 reel games makes slots a lot of fun to play!

2. The Jackpots are Normally Big

You'll normally find much bigger jackpots in 5 reel slots games. This is because there are more possible winning combinations, which means that players are less likely to hit a jackpot. So slots makers can affordably offer giant top payouts. The biggest progressive slots offer jackpots worth millions of dollars.

3. The Graphics and Animations are Great

Most 3 reel slots are old-fashioned, with graphics reminiscent of the early casino days. Contrast this to 5 reel machines, where impressive 3D graphics and animations are present. The latter is really cool because you get to see the symbols perform entertaining actions whenever you hit a winning combination.


4. There are Bonus Games

Another drawback to 3 reel games is that they rarely come with bonus rounds. 5 reel slots, on the other hand, usually feature bonus rounds in the form of second-screen games. These second-screen rounds are a real treat because they get you away from the typical drill of spinning the reels over and over again. For example, you might pick treasure chests to reveal prizes or do something more skill-based.

5. Betting Options are Plentiful

One more fantastic reason why people love 5 reel slots is the plethora of betting options available. You can change the coin size, paylines and coins per line in most 5 reel games, which really keeps the fun involved. More importantly, these betting options enable players to pick wagers that are affordable to them. In many cases, you can bet as little as $0.01 per spin.

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