Mobile Slots get Serious with Big Winners


Over the past few years, mobile gaming has come to be revered for its ability to let players enjoy casino games virtually anywhere. Anybody with a smartphone or tablet can play games on a plane, in the passenger seat of a car, or just about anywhere else imaginable. But if there's been one limitation to mobile gaming in the past, it's that the prizes weren't very large.

All of this has changed though in recent times since some players have won truly massive mobile slots jackpots. It got started in July of 2013, when a Wakefield, UK man hit a ’866,000 ($1.35 million) jackpot.

What's funny is that the 33-year-old didn't think his windfall was real until rechecking his phone. "I had to turn my phone off and then turn it back on again because I thought there had been a malfunction," he said. "I just could not believe it. I cannot explain how I felt as I just went numb."

Another interesting element to this story is that the Brit was a simple forklift driver before hitting the giant mobile slots prize. Now he has plans of traveling all over the world, with definite stops in Tokyo and New Zealand.

If you thought his win was big, then consider that just a month later, another man unleashed a ’1,448,150 ($2.26 million) progressive slots jackpot. This guy was playing Melon Madness through his smartphone while trying to pass the time. And after just a short while, he won the largest slots jackpot in mobile gaming history!

The 50-year-old didn't give many details on himself after setting the record. But it's understandable why not since he's now $2.26 million richer and looking to avoid any beggars.


If these recent mobile slots prizes are of any indication, we can expect payouts to continue growing at a pretty rapid rate. In just one month, the record when from ’866,000 to ’1,448,150! This being said, we might see a lot more players trying to get rich through wireless play.

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