Differences between 3D Slots and Other Slots Games


In the mid-1990's, online slots graphics weren't exactly the highest priority at casinos. In fact, you were lucky if your gaming session didn't have any nasty bugs occur.

Luckily, the online gaming industry has evolved far past its original roots. Now, providing a top-quality experience to players is of the utmost important to casinos. And 3D slots are an excellent byproduct of this commitment to quality.

You can probably tell from the name alone that 3D slots differ from traditional slots games because they offer incredible graphics. And these graphics are rich in color and much more lifelike than what older slot machines have presented.

But the differences go so much deeper than just the visuals. This being said, let's take a look at a few of the biggest differences between these 3D slots and regular slots games.

1. There are Storylines

Most people don't go into a slots game expecting an epic movie storyline. But it's still nice to have some sort of story behind the game's theme. Using the ever-popular A Night in Paris as an example, this tale involves a cop chasing after a skilled jewel thief. These stories are usually set up with cutscenes at the beginning, and the bonus game(s) supports the game theme too.

2. More Bonus Games are Available


In the old days of slots, free spins were often referred to as bonus rounds. But thanks to 3D slots, we have REAL slots bonus games where you are taken to a second screen to win more money. The type of bonus round available always depends on the specific game. For instance, one of the second-screen rounds in A Night in Paris sees the cop try to catch the thief in a museum. Because these bonus games see players do something other than spin the reels, they're a refreshing break.

3. The Characters are More Fun and Engaging

While regular slots try to create detailed symbols that enhance the game, they can't add the character depth that 3D slots do. When you get a winning combination in a 3D game, you can count on seeing the symbols perform an animated action. For example, landing five fish on the reels might lead to them jumping out of water while the game counts up your coins. You may even see characters take on bigger roles as they are seen in the bonus games too.

Based on everything we've discussed so far, it's plain to see that 3D slots offer players more than ever before. So those who think that storylines, more bonus games, and interesting characters sound great should definitely try spinning the 3D reels a few times.

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