How does Casino Cashback work?

For centuries, gaming establishments have used comps to keep loyal customers coming back and betting big. Many of the popular comps today range from free drinks to cashback - the latter of which is a major hit with players.

Like the name implies, cashback gives people money back on their play. But the tricky thing about this perk is that it's not always offered in the same way. The method for rewarding cashback can differ quite a bit, depending upon the casino, so it's definitely worth taking a closer look at this subject.

Through your Account

The simplest way in which cashback is awarded is through one's account. This is totally easy to understand because you play games, and the casino will put a certain percentage of money into your account. For instance, if you wagered $200 on slots, the casino might give you back $2 in cashback.

Through Rewards Points

Some online casinos award cashback by giving out rewards points. For example, if you wagered $100 on slots games, you might get 200 points. And these points might be worth $1 in terms of rewards at the casino. Of course, this is just a generic example, but you get the idea.

Trade Points for Cash

As we just described some casinos will give people points for their play, and call it "cashback." But other online casinos award players with points, then give them options. These points can then be used to get cashback, buy store merchandise or get free slots spins. Out of the three methods we've discussed so far, many people prefer this way because it gives them choices.

Making sure you get the Best Deal

No matter how your cashback is paid out, you need to be looking for a really good deal. After all, casinos aren't all created the same when it comes to offering this benefit. So you should be doing some research on this matter before signing up and depositing anywhere.

Now luckily, most internet casinos are pretty competitive in terms of what their cashback deals. However, some are a little better than others in this regard. And for frequent players, it definitely pays to find a deal that'll give you the most money back.

A good way to go about doing this involves looking at online casino reviews and seeing what the top sites are. From here, you visit each of the top sites and look at their Promotions/Rewards section to see what's available.

We recommend looking at 5-10 sites if you have time. Of course, you should look at as many online casinos as you can because a good cashback deal can save/earn you hundreds or even thousands of dollars over the long term. And this is critical towards helping you reap profits from casino games.

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