Mini Roulette: Fun, but not always Profitable


While there are several variations of roulette, one that really sticks out is mini roulette. This game differs quite a bit from other forms of roulette since the wheel only has 13 numbers on it. Because the mini roulette wheel is so small, it's widely enjoyed by many casino visitors. But here's an important piece of advice: don't join these players on the mini roulette tables!

Sure that cute little wheel looks inviting because it's so different than what players are used to. However, you also have to consider how hard mini roulette can be to beat. In order to explain why this game is so tough, let's discuss its house edge.

Mini Roulette House Edge

If you've ever played European roulette before, you know that there are 37 numbers, with just a single house-friendly 0. This combines to create a fairly-inviting 2.70% house edge (1/37).

Mini roulette is much like the European version in that it features a single house-friendly 0. However, the main difference comes into play when you consider that there are only 13 total numbers. After doing the math (1/13), you can see that a normal mini roulette game gives casinos a 7.69% advantage. And this is about as bad as it gets!

The La Partage Rule

Seeing as how 7.69% is such an ugly house edge, many casinos institute the La Partage rule, where players receive half their money back on losing even money bets that land on 0. As long as one sticks with even money wagers, they can reduce the mini roulette house edge down to 3.85%.

Now this still isn't as low as European or French roulette (1.35% house edge). But it's a lot better than dealing with a 7.69% house advantage. So if you're going to try mini roulette, make sure that the La Partage rule is in effect first. Pretty much every online casino that offers mini roulette features La Partage, and many land-based casinos also have this rule too.

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