Where do Casinos put the Best-Paying Slot Machines?


Over the years, one slots tip that has really stuck around is the idea that the best-paying slot machines are put in certain sections of the casino. And there are two schools of thought on this theory:

1) The best slot machines are found near the entrance so that visitors will see players hitting big jackpots. In turn, this convinces the casual visitors to start pumping money into these slots games.

2) Players will find the most generous slots in dark corners by and restrooms. Meanwhile, slots games with low payout percentages are found near the entrance and high-traffic areas so casinos make more money.

So which one of these ideas is the truth when it comes to slot machine placement? The reality is that these are both outdated concepts altogether. There isn't a slots expert today who backs the theory that casinos are strategically putting games in one spot or another.

Now in the past, casinos have tried different things with regard to moving slot machines. But these were just experiments carried out in an effort to see if there was an ideal way to place slots. Apparently moving games around didn't result in much of a profit increase, which is why casinos don't really worry about it today.


What's funny though is that casino managers are perfectly fine with this myth. Every year thousands of new slots players enter gaming establishments armed with the "knowledge" that they can win big by exploiting slot machine placement. So these players stay on the machines longer and bet more money in hopes of taking advantage of loose slots.

But as we discussed before, there's no substance behind the rumor of slot machine placement. Instead, the best way to discover loose slots is by doing research beforehand and finding games with high payout percentages. There's a wealth of information on the internet, and all you need to do is put some time into the matter.

Often what you'll find is that the highest-paying slots games cost the most to play. So be aware of this before running out the door with your bankroll in hand. And if you're not somebody who's got a lot of money to play with, focus on penny, nickel and quarter slots when doing research.

One more point worth making here is that online slots are an excellent place to find high payout percentages. Sure, most of the time you might be longing for the live casino experience. But when you're just looking for the best possible chance to win in slots, online casinos are your best option. After all, most of these games feature payout percentages of 95% or higher.

But for the times when you play in land-based casinos, just keep in mind that you don't need to worry about where the machines are placed.

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