Bad Casino Bets


Whether you're playing at a brick and mortar or online casino, the ultimate goal is to win money. Otherwise, why would you be making bets in the first place? But it's worth mentioning that your chances of winning profits aren't the same with every bet. In fact, there are some downright terrible wagers that could cost you some major money. Here's a look at the bets you should definitely avoid.

1. Progressive Caribbean Poker Side Bet

While playing for a Caribbean poker jackpot is exciting and can provide extra enjoyment, it's not exactly the smartest wager. By making the Caribbean poker side bet, you're normally facing over a 25% house edge.

2. Casino War Tie Wager

Casino War is always a fun game because of the simplicity involved. All you're basically doing is trying to draw a higher card than the house. But you can also wager that you and the dealer's card will tie, which offers a big 10:1 payout. Unfortunately, this large payout is negated by the nasty 18.7% house edge.

3. Baccarat Tie

Baccarat offers one of the lowest house edges available when you bet on the banker hand to win (1.06% casino edge). However, this game also features one of the worst bets too if you wager on the banker and player hand tying; the tie bet carries a 14.4% casino advantage.

4. Craps Proposition Bets

Just about any craps prop wager is a bad bet with some of them reaching a 16.7% house edge. The best idea is to stick with the pass line, don't pass line, come and don't come wagers because they all offer between a 1.40% and 1.41% casino edge.

5. Blackjack Insurance

If you're worried about the dealer having a blackjack, you can always take insurance, which offers a 2:1 payout. But there's a reason why experts preach against taking insurance since it gives the house almost an 8% edge. So the moral of the story is to never take blackjack insurance!

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