Top 5 Casino Gaming Superstitions


Nowhere are people more superstition than in the the casino. In fact, many casino visitors believe that their wins and losses depend entirely on how closely they follow lucky beliefs. And gaming superstitions vary widely depending upon the individual. However, some of these mythical beliefs come up far more than others so it's worth looking at them in detail.

1. Blowing on Dice

One of the most common casino scenes in movies involves some beautiful woman blowing on a man's craps dice to bring him good luck. But this superstition didn't start in the movies or even casinos. Instead, it's believed that this started on the streets before casinos became what they are today. Going further, gaming historians say that street players would blow on the dice simply to clean them. Gamblers of the past sometimes tried to cheat by using a sticky substance that would be activated by blowing on the dice.

2. Carrying a Lucky Rabbit's Foot

Rabbits are known for their ability to reproduce…..rapidly. And they're believed to be a symbol for fertility and fortune in some parts of Africa. As legend has it, carrying a rabbit's foot around gives you equal reproduction qualities. In addition to this, it's supposed to bring all-around good luck, which is why many casino visitors like to bring their lucky rabbit's foot to the tables.

3. Seeing 13 as Unlucky


The number 13 has a weird reputation, and it gives both casino visitors and non-gamblers a weird vibe. In fact, some people think that this number is just downright unlucky. There are dozens of reasons why this is the case; however, one of the most prominent is that this is the number of full moons in a year. Some casino visitors are so fearful of 13 that they won't even stay on the 13th floor of a hotel & casino.

4. Crossing your Fingers

Crossing you fingers has long been used as a way to get out of lies since grade school, and it's still a popular superstition to this day. It comes from Western society's irrational fear of witches that dates back to the Middle Ages. Back then, it was a symbol of the cross which warded off witches. These days it's just something weird that some of us do while hoping to beat casino games,

5. Spilling Salt

It's never good to spill anything - and yes this includes salt. Some people strongly believe that spilling salt will ruin their luck in games of chance. This superstition comes from a time when salt was considered a luxury item. But since salt is so much easier to come by these days, don't suddenly think you're going to lose tons of money in a casino just because you spilled salt that day.

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