Sleep is Important in Casino Games


If you're playing a skill-based casino game like blackjack, where there are a number of decisions that can affect success, the last thing you're thinking about is how much sleep you got. But while sleep may not have anything to directly do with casino gaming strategy, it can have a huge impact on your results. Think this statement sounds silly? Then you should definitely check out some of the reasons why sleep is so important to players.

Better Concentration

You don't need to have seen a hundred sleep studies to know that 7-9 hours can improve your mental concentration. And this is exactly the case with casino games, where the better your sleep quality/length is, the more you'll be able to focus on the game at hand. In advance of your casino trip, or just before an online session, you should at least get good sleep two nights before playing.

Play Mistake-Free

Another positive side effect of getting some shut-eye is that you'll avoid making silly mistakes while playing. For example, let's say that you're well-versed in video poker strategy, but you make a careless mistake out of weariness. Now, because your sleep the night or two nights before was bad, you've made a gaffe that raises the house edge. So if you want to cut down on mistakes in skill-based games, head to bed early.

Cut down on Stress

While stress can do some good things like make you work harder, it has far more negative side effects. And one of the negative effects of stress is pushing you into poor decisions. Now, bad sleep isn't the only thing that causes stress. After all, bills, relationship drama, house problems, car trouble, arguments with friends, or any other number of things can raise stress levels. But lack of sleep is a driving force in stress and can inhibit your ability to play well.

What if you don't get Enough Sleep?

As we've just discussed, there are some obvious reasons why you should get quality REM before a gaming session. Lowering stress, improving concentration and avoiding mistakes are three excellent benefits to sleeping. But what about the times when you can't sleep, either out of time constraints or insomnia?

Well ideally, you won't play casino games the following day. Sure this sounds a little extreme - especially when you are really in the mood to play. But for really serious players who want to maximize their chances of winning money, bad sleep should definitely be a deterrent from playing.

One more issue worth mentioning here is if you get tired during a session. Either out of the fact that they're having fun or wanting to win money back, some players keep pushing beyond fatigue. But just like not getting enough sleep, you should avoid playing when you grow weary in the casino. Above all, remember that your mental state is just as important to winning profits in gambling as learning the strategy.

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