5 Factors for picking a Blackjack Table


The nice thing about online blackjack is that there's little thought process involved with choosing a table. You simply find the desired blackjack variation you want, click the game, and start playing.

Blackjack in land-based casinos involves a little more thinking because you've got other factors to consider. After all, there are dealers, specified stakes, atmosphere, continuous shuffling machines (CMS's) and other players to worry about. And all of these aspects could potentially affect your performance on the table. This being said, let's review some things that you should consider when picking a blackjack table.

1. Number of Players

Perhaps the most important factor in picking the right blackjack table involves how many players are present. The average live blackjack table features 6-7 seats, and depending on the day/time, they could all be empty or full.

What type of table you choose will largely depend upon two things: A) your personality, and B) how serious you are about winning. The first point simply comes down to whether you want to socialize with several players, or keep to yourself and focus on the game. In regard to the second point, more players at the table means less hands are being dealt. And fewer hands means you are exposed to the house edge less and theoretically won't lose as much money.


2. Atmosphere

This factor goes hand-in-hand with the first aspect because you should consider how players are behaving at a table too. Is the group cheering after every win and drinking lots of alcoholic beverages? Or is everybody rarely speaking and focused solely on their cards? By choosing a table with an atmosphere that matches your personality, you'll have a more enjoyable time with the game.

3. Stakes

While it might seem obvious that you need to choose tables with the appropriate stakes, this point is worth going over anyways. Far too often players choose a blackjack game that features high minimum bets just because there are no other tables open. For example, if your bankroll is $200, the $5 minimum bet table is your best option. However, some people take a seat where they have to wager at least $25 just to get some action. But assuming this is your only option, it's better that you don't play at all and wait for the appropriate stakes.


4. Dealer Speed

As we discussed with the number of players, more hands means more exposure to the house edge. And even if you're playing well enough to keep the house edge at 0.5-0.6%, you should still worry about how fast the dealer is. After all, a dealer who's whipping out cards might be forcing players to play 70-75 hands per hour. However, a slower dealer will get in less hands per hour, which minimize your exposure to the casino edge and makes the game more relaxing.

5. Continuous Shuffling Machines

The last point worth making in this discussion involves CSM's. If a continuous shuffling machine is involved, the amount of hands dealt each hour increases by around 20%. So if you were normally playing 60 hands per hour, you'd now be dealing with 72 hands. And this can definitely have a big impact on your bankroll due to the game being sped up so much.

By considering all of these factors before choosing a blackjack table, you're almost guaranteed to have more fun and a better shot at earning profits.

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