Online Slots Features explained


When you're just starting out in online slots, recognizing and learning all of the available features can be a difficult matter. However, most players won't have too much difficulty learning slots if they know a thing or two about the options. That said, let's briefly go over some of the less self-explanatory slots features that you'll come across.

Coin Size - One of the most useful options includes the ability to alter the coin size you use in bets. Many slots games give you the option to wager between $0.01 and $1.00 with each coin.

Paylines - If you'd like to play more lines and have extra chances to win with each spin, you should pick more paylines. In some cases, you can play up to 30 paylines on a single spin! However, if you've got a smaller bankroll, you can also play just one line.

Coins per Line - Aside from adding more paylines, another way to increase potential winnings is by adding extra coins on each line. Using Drake Casino slots as an example, you can use anywhere from 1-5 coins on a payline.

Max Bet - Assuming you want to wager the maximum on coin size, coins per line and paylines, you can just hit the Max Bet button. Sure this isn't for everybody since you'll be wagering lots of money on every spin. However, those who want to win big as quickly as possible should choose this option.


Autospin - Want to keep the reels spinning even when you're away from a slots game? Why not just hit Autospin, which causes the reels to spin on their own. And when you wish to stop Autospin, just click the button again.

View Paytable - It's always a wise idea to familiarize yourself with the symbols and payouts for each new game you play. Not only will this fill you in on how much money can be won through a particular game, but it also explains how to play bonus rounds and other important info.

Bonus Games - One of the most popular features in online slots games these days involves bonus rounds. A bonus round offers players an opportunity to earn extra payouts through extremely fun side games. As we mentioned before, the paytable option allows you to see info on bonus rounds.

Multiplier/Scatter Symbol - Many slots include a multiplier (a.k.a. scatter) symbol that enables players to multiply the size of their payouts. For instance, if you had a 5x multiplier and hit a 10-coin prize, you'd receive 50 coins instead.

What we've discussed so far covers the main features that you'll find in the online slots world. However, keep in mind that there are other options available too, depending upon the specific game and casino where you play.

It's highly recommended that you try free slots to get used to all of the features if you're new to these games. Once you're comfortable with everything, you can move on to real money slots games.

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