Is there any Real Strategy to Online Slots Tournaments?


Most casino tournaments feature some semblance of strategy that can increase your long-term chances of winning. For example, it's important to pay attention to your opponents' chip stacks in online blackjack tournaments and make bets accordingly.

But when it comes to online slots tournaments, there's not a great deal of strategy involved. The most effective way to win is to spin the reels as quickly as possible and hope luck shines on you. Obviously this doesn't offer a whole lot to the thinking man's player. But that doesn't mean online slots tournaments are entirely void of strategy. In fact, you can read a few points on this matter below.

Search for Tournaments with Big Overlays

Many slots tourneys feature a guaranteed prize pool, meaning a certain amount of money will be guaranteed no matter how many people register. So if a $1,000 guaranteed prize pool was on the table, it doesn't matter if only 10 players show up - the $1k amount will still be paid out.


This being said, it's always nice to look for online casinos where tournaments often don't meet the guaranteed amount (a.k.a. overlay). For example, if a slots tourney featured a $1,000 guaranteed prize pool and $10 buy-ins - and just 75 people bought in ($750) - there'd be a $250 overlay. This being said, you would be getting incredible value for your $10 buy-in and have a long-term advantage.

Focus on Bankroll Management

We realize that preaching bankroll management is nothing new in the casino strategy world. But since fast button-pushing is the pinnacle of good slots tournament strategy, you should spend extra time focusing on your bankroll.

Assuming you want to play in lots of future tourneys, it's a good idea to have at least 50 buy-ins for your desired level. For instance, if you have a $250 bankroll, you should stick to events where the buy-in is $5 or less. By sticking with good bankroll management, you can last longer in slots and get more overall enjoyment from the game.

Spend Time playing Freerolls

Those who are really serious about increasing their slots bankroll should play freerolls when they get the opportunity. After all, freerolls don't cost anything to enter and can give your bankroll a big boost if you do well. Just remember that it'll be somewhat tougher to cash in these events if they're open-entry because there are no restrictions on entering. However, if you've got the time to play, it's still worth trying to win money in slots freerolls.

Looking at things from an overall perspective, there's not a lot you can do to influence your fate in online slots tournaments. But there are some great ways outside of the tournaments to give your bankroll a boost.

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