Craps Strategy - A Pretty Easy Matter


There are several casino games where strategy is pretty extensive. For example, video poker involves multiple decisions on every hand, and you need to put some work in before you're playing at an optimal level.

Assuming you're looking to avoid some of the more challenging games like video poker, you should opt for online craps. The strategy behind craps is really easy and it doesn't take much effort to learn. That said, here's a closer look at how to play this game with correct strategy.

The Four Best Bets

In order to use optimal craps strategy, you simply need to make pass line, don't pass line, come, and don't come bets. Below you can see the casino edge behind each of these wagers:

Pass Line - 1.41% house edge
Don't Pass Line - 1.41% house edge
Come - 1.36% house edge
Don't Come - 1.36% house edge

The come and don't come bets are slightly better than the pass line and don't pass line wagers. However, they're all relatively close and worth making depending upon how the urge strikes you. Some other decent bets include buying the Place 6 / Place 8 (1.52% house edge) and Buy 4 / Buy 10 (1.67%).

Buying Odds

If you want to lower the house edge even further, you can take odds on the pass line, don't pass line, come and don't come wagers. An odds bet carries a 0% house edge, and you back your original wager with it. For example, if you take 1x odds behind a don't pass line bet, your overall house edge is 0.82%. Assuming you're allowed 2x odds, you can drop the casino advantage to 0.58%. Just keep in mind that odds wagers are separate from your original bet.

Not all online casinos offer odds because it lowers the house advantage quite a bit. But when you do find craps odds, you can really gain an advantage while playing the game.

Prop Bets

We've only covered a handful of the bets that are available in online craps. And this is for good reason too because there are some pretty dangerous wagers out there. "Any 7 is the worst of the worst because it carries a 16.67% casino edge. Betting on a single 2 or single 12 is also a very bad idea because you're dealing with a 13.89% house advantage as well.

One more tip we should suggest is sticking to online craps the majority of the time. By doing this, you avoid all of the extra costs associated with traveling to a land-based casino and tipping dealers. And this keeps the house edge exactly as listed.

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