Online Casino Freerolls aren't Free in regard to Time


One major advantage that online casinos hold over their brick and mortar counterparts is the freeroll tournament. As the name implies a freeroll is a casino tournament that doesn't require money to enter - meaning anything you win is pure profit!

The types of freerolls vary and include everything from blackjack to slots tournaments. Regardless of what you're playing, the nice thing is that you have a free chance to win money.

But is a freeroll really "free?" From a monetary standpoint, the answer is yes, it is free. However, cash isn't the only thing you should consider with casino freerolls and we'll explain why.

Slim Chance to win

As we've already discussed, the obvious attraction to a freeroll is that it costs nothing to enter. With this being the case, you're going to see a lot of people entering these tournaments. Unfortunately, a free tournament prize pool remains stagnant no matter how many entrants there are. So if the prize pool is $200, it's not going to change just because 5,000 people entered the event.

Because open-entry casino freerolls draw such big fields, your chances of earning money are usually quite small. Now you might think that, because you're a skilled blackjack player, you'll have a better opportunity to earn cash in a blackjack freeroll. However, your skill advantage is only going to slightly improve your chances of winning.


Time vs. Reward

Due to the fact that your odds of earning money are slim, you'll likely have to dump lots of time into freerolls before cashing. Sure this may be okay if you are purely playing casino games for enjoyment without regard for profit. However, those who are all about trying to win some money have to consider the time costs of playing freerolls.

Assuming you're spending 10 hours or more just to earn $3 in a slots tournament, it's definitely not worth your time. So take this into account before embarking on any big quests to win money in freerolls.

VIP Tournaments

Not all free casino tournaments are time-costly - especially when it comes to special invitation events. Many online casinos offer VIP freerolls where the field is limited to players of a certain status. The end result is that you're normally competing against fewer players for money - e.g. 500 players competing for a $2,000 prize pool.

Going back to the regular, open-entry freerolls, we recommend that you try a few of them for fun. But don't get hooked on trying to build a huge casino bankroll this way because it can get pretty costly from a time perspective. Instead, you might want to eventually make a deposit and try earning money this way. And don't forget that when you make a deposit, you'll also have an opportunity to earn a big welcome bonus!

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