How Slots and Fruit Machines are Different


Many people around the world are well aware of slot machines. These games feature reels and paylines, and have the potential to make big payouts. Slots are very similar to fruit machines, which are commonly featured in Britain. However, it's worth mentioning that fruit machines (a.k.a. fruities) also have their differences, which are explained below.

Different Reel and Payline Range

Most slots games have 3-5 reels and 1-30 paylines. This is in contrast to fruities, where reels normally vary from 3-6 with only 3-5 paylines available. Now this isn't a huge difference from traditional slots, especially with regard to reels, but it's worth noting.

Common Locations

Slot machines are often housed in casinos or race tracks. Fruities, on the other hand, are usually found in English pubs. Because most people don't come to bars just to gamble, these machines can offer a high house edge and still attract plenty of players.

More "Skill" Features


Many fruit machines have "skill" features such as Hold and Nudge. With Hold, you can sometimes hold desirable symbols in place while spinning the other reels. Nudge enables players to slightly nudge the reels in hopes of turning a losing payout into a winning one. You normally won't see Nudge and Hold in slots games. But do keep in mind that these aren't really skill actions, but rather predetermined features that create the illusion of skill.

Jackpot Size Differential

While fruities can offer some nice payouts, they are worth nowhere near the amount that slots offer. For example, a slot machine might feature a top prize worth $100,000. This is vastly different from the average fruitie, where you may only be playing for a "jackpot" worth $50.

More Bonus Games

Although the slots world is starting to feature more and more bonus games, fruities are the king of side games. In fact, it's hard to find a fruit machine that doesn't have some kind of bonus round. That said, many players love these extra games because they add an entirely new dimension to spinning the reels.

Less of an Online Presence

As mentioned before, fruities are widely available throughout British pubs. But unlike slots, fruit machines haven't quite conquered the cyber world yet. Sure you can find online casino games that are fashioned in the same vein as fruit machines. However, traditional slots rule the majority of online casinos. In some casinos, there are over 100 slots titles or more!

Despite their differences, both fruit and slot machines are fine games worth playing. You can win some nice prizes in both types of games, and the thrills and excitement seamlessly move from slots to fruities. So any time you're in the mood to place some bets, sit down to a slot or fruit machine and try your luck!

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