Why Slots help you unlock Casino Bonuses Faster

As you may have noticed, Drake Casino offers many different bonuses and rewards. For example, if you sign up at Drake and make a deposit, you'll be able to earn a 100% up to $5,000 welcome bonus. Of course, the key is that you must earn these bonuses by meeting wagering requirements.

When looking at wagering requirements, some people may find it strange that a lot of games don't count 100% towards unlocking rewards. For example, blackjack and video poker only count 10% towards the given wagering requirements. Online slots, on the other hand, count 100% towards unlocking any bonuses you may be chasing.

So what's the difference here? You're betting real money on both slots and blackjack, which may seem puzzling that they don't both earn you bonuses at the same rate. Assuming you are wondering why, keep reading to find out...

Factoring in the House Edge

Because casinos are out to make profits, they don't like to take losses on bonuses given out. So when working out the math on wagering requirements, they make sure to factor in the house edge.

For example, blackjack games normally offer a 0.5% house edge when perfect basic strategy is used. Online slots games typically carry around a 5% house edge, which is 10 times the blackjack casino advantage. That said, casinos can't reasonably allow both blackjack and slots to count the same towards wagering requirements. So they vary the requirements based on the house edge for each game.

Pretty Much the Same

Seeing as how blackjack or video poker only count 10% towards wagering requirements, you might think they aren't worth playing when going for bonuses. However, the truth is that varied contributions make it so no one game has an advantage over others when betting money.

For instance, if you bet $1,000 in blackjack with a 0.5% house edge available, you'd theoretically lose $5 over the long-term. As for slots, betting $1k would theoretically see you lose $50. But seeing as how blackjack only counts 10% for bonuses, you gain no monetary advantage playing one game over another.

Getting the Job done Faster

Assuming you're looking to earn a bonus as quickly as possible, slots are definitely the way to go. Every dollar you bet contributed more to wagering requirements than most other games, so you end up reaching the bonus money faster.

But from an overall perspective, don't feel compelled to play slots just because of earning rewards. You can collect a bonus through any game as long as you bet enough.