Slots Bonus Games don't raise Payout Percentages

One aspect of slots games that everybody seems to enjoy is bonus rounds. Depending on the game, certain symbols that land on the reels will unlock a fun and exciting round where "extra" payouts and multipliers can be earned. But while slots bonus games add a lot of entertainment to the equation, there's a big fallacy that exists here.

Some people think that bonus rounds actually raise the stated payout percentage of an online slots game. For instance, if a certain slots title features 94.5% payback, players think that anything earned in an extra round raises the payout percentage. However, this is a complete myth and we'll explain why.

Everything is considered

While the word "bonus" might imply that everything earned will be separate from the normal expected payback, this is simply not the case. When a payout percentage is decided upon, this figure also includes the bonus game(s). So if a slots title features 96% payback, this also takes into account the potential extra payouts and games that are available.

Should this spoil Bonus Games for you?

Upon hearing that slots bonus games aren't literally bonuses, some players might get discouraged. However, it's important to understand that most online slots games still offer excellent payback. The typical cyber slots game delivers 94-96% payback, while some titles pay players back even more than this.

Going beyond the pure financial side of things, slots bonus rounds add a lot to the experience. After all, most extra games see players doing an activity outside the typical drill of spinning the reels and hoping to win. That said, you can always look forward to these bonus games even if they're already factored into the payout percentage.