Deciding whether to play Fixed or Progressive Slots

One thing you might notice about Drake Casino is that there's an entire section of slots games entitled Progressive Slots. As many players know, progressive games feature jackpots that increase with every qualifying spin that's made. For instance, a progressive jackpot might start at $10,000, then continue increasing in value until it's won.

Of course, progressive jackpots aren't the only kind available since there are also fixed slots jackpots too. With fixed slots, the jackpot remains the same no matter how many wagers are made. Seeing as how there are two vastly different styles of jackpots, it's worth looking at if one type has a distinct advantage over the other.

Risk vs. Reward

The main factor that needs to be decided when choosing between fixed and progressive slots is what your goals are. Progressive games typically feature bigger jackpots, but the spin costs are usually higher too. For example, you'll normally have to bet at least $1 - if not more - to qualify for the jackpot. But with progressive prizes that are sometimes worth millions of dollars, many people are fine with wagering this much.

As for fixed prizes, these are normally smaller; however, you may not have to bet as much to qualify for the jackpot too. Some games will only make you bet $0.25 to qualify for the top payout, which might be worth 10,000 coins or more. So it's really going to come down to what your overall goal is in online slots.

Bankroll Management

Expanding upon what we just discussed about progressives normally costing more, you also have to consider if your bankroll is up to the challenge. Sure you may want to win a $1 million jackpot...but is your bankroll up to the task of wagering $1 or more per spin?

If not, there's nothing wrong with playing fixed jackpot games since a perfect spin will still net you a large prize. Going further, you also have to consider that most fixed prizes offer a more realistic opportunity to win than progressive jackpots. So unless you play a ton of slots, you may just want to opt for fixed games.