Will you win more with Multi-Line Video Poker?


While there are plenty of different video poker variations available, one of the biggest classifications regarding these games is single line or multi-line. In other words, can you only play one hand per turn, or multiple hands per turn? Seeing as how multi-line and single hand video poker games are different from each other, some players wonder if one type offers a distinct advantage over the other. With that in mind, let's take a closer look at the subject.


As many players know, some video poker variations offer a payback advantage over others. For example, a 'full pay' Double Bonus game offers 100.2% payback, while a full pay 'Jacks or Better' game features 99.54% payback.

However, there is no such distinction when it comes to single and multi-line games. Now it might seem like multi-line games would offer better payback because you have to deal with more hands at once. However, you won't get any payout advantages when opting for one version over the other.


While you may not get any higher payback with multi-line video poker, there is one benefit to playing these games. And that comes with the time you'll save by betting on multiple hands each turn. So if you're going to play hundreds of video poker hands anyways, you might as well use the multi-line option to save some time.

The only potential problem here is that you could make more mistakes since you're dealing with extra hands. So it's very important that you be good at dealing with multiple video poker hands in order to avoid any mistakes. It may be hard to handle all of this multitasking in the beginning, but you'll get more used to it as time goes on. And you'll have a better opportunity to earn money this way too!