How Bankroll Management can help you win at Drake Casino

While each casino game features its own individual strategy, there's one strategy that reigns supreme with all games. This is the concept of bankroll management, which is extremely important in regard to long-term gaming success. We'll explain why bankroll management is so important and discuss how you can properly manage your money.

Everything in Moderation

Just being mindful of bankroll management isn't going to automatically help you win with casino games. However, it can prevent you from betting more money than you can afford to lose. This concept also enables you to stick with casino gaming for the long-haul - rather than blowing through your money right away.

For example, lets say that you have $200 of extra money that you can use at Drake Casino. Now this isn't the biggest roll, but it can help you win if managed properly.

So if you play blackjack with perfect strategy (0.5% house edge), make $5 bets per hand, and get in 200 hands per hour, you would lose $12.50 per hour on average. Now obviously we hope to be winning, but we're just being realistic here with the situation.

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How Long can you play?

Keeping the $12.50 in losses per hour in mind, you could theoretically play 16 hours of blackjack while making $5 wagers. However, you also have to factor in losing streaks that could occur when trying to decide how long you can play.

In any case, it's always a good idea to do some math before you start playing casino games just to know how long you can reasonably last. And the only tools you need to use during calculations are the house edge, hands/turns per hour, average bet size, and some commonsense about potential losing streaks.

Once again though, most of us are hoping to win instead of lose, so hopefully your bankroll increases over time with some good luck!/