3 Reel Online Slots - Great for Beginners

These days the online slots world is focusing more and more on 5 reel games over the 3 reel style. Five reels allow for more payout combinations and betting options, which ensures players have plenty of variety. But this isn't to say that 3 reel slots don't have their place in the industry - especially among beginning players!

Why 3 Reel Slots are perfect for New Players

If you're somebody who's totally new to slots, we highly advise that you check out the 3 reel slots category in the Drake Casino games section. The reason why we say this is because 3 reel slots usually don't have as many symbols, payout combinations or betting options to deal with. And while this might not be ideal for those seeking more variety from slots, it's great for somebody who has little knowledge of the games.

Assuming you played a game like "Diamond Jackpot," you'd only have to worry about coin sizes ranging from $0.02 - $1.00 and the ability to put 1 - 3 coins on the SINGLE payline. Contrast this to a more complicated 5 reel game where coin sizes can range from $0.01 - $5.00, paylines often vary from 1 - 20, and coin amounts range from 1 - 10 per payline. So as you can see, this is a lot to deal with for the average beginner.

Try Free Slots

Along with trying 3 reel games, we also recommend that you play some free slots first. All Drake Casino slots games give people the option to spin the reels without betting any money, which offers new players the perfect learning environment.

Now you might think playing free slots is pointless because you want to win money right away. However, trying free games is a nice way to familiarize yourself with betting options and avoid risking more than you bargained for. Once you feel comfortable with the free games, it's time to graduate to the real money slots.